Monday, October 11, 2010

Lettuce and Vacuums

I noticed something today that has never once occurred to me. Though I do indeed like lettuce, I will not personally take the time to put it on my sandwich. Call it laziness if you will, but I call it "lack of excitement" for lettuce. There are certain things in my fridge and freezer outside that I would walk out into a category 4 hurricane for, but lettuce is just not one of them.

As I made my sandwich today at lunch, I carefully took 5 minutes of time to cut 2 slices of tomato and added turkey, cheese, and mustard. I saw the lettuce down there, just looking at me. It was almost as if it was feeling left out. "Hey! Right here! I'm in the bottom drawer man, don't leave me here to rot!" Excited to eat my sandwich, I shut the door to the refrigerator and pranced into the living room carrying my plate o-so-carefully.

However, if someone else is making me a sandwich and says, "What do you want on it?" My ingredients would always include lettuce if was an option. I guess the only other example I can think of is vacuuming. No dude will vacuum very often, it just doesn't seem necessary to us. To us, all floors are kind of dirty. Therefore I can't remember actually ever vacuuming until stuff is sticking to my entire foot, and to keep that from happening you just wear socks. Of course I really appreciate having a clean floor because my wife vacuums all the time, yet if I was living on my own, I would consider vacuuming maybe once every two months... and would consider that often.

There, now you know the similarities between lettuce and vacuuming. You also may thank someone today that serves you often, yet you don't show the appreciation you should because it's not a necessity in your own mind. Thank you Beth, for putting lettuce on my sandwiches and vacuuming my nasty floor, you are a great wife.


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